Thursday, 16 August 2012

Retreat story. Tell it all! :)

As promised, here's my RETREAT STORY. I actually had fun. I feel like I'm somehow a little bit better of a person than I used to be. Not because they forced me to or anything like that of course. Oh wells.

So ergo!

The fun starts here of course. OR NOT. I actually had a hard time packing stuff. Thing is I don't have a bag that's big enough for all of the stuff I brought. I didn't bring too much with me to be honest. So yeah. It's not that it was my fault or anything. We were told to bring clothes, some stuff, and all that. Except for food, I actually didn't bring anything so big at all. Like, yeah. But it's alright.

I ended up carrying a BIG SHOULDER bag with me and a back pack.

I actually changed bags at least three times and tried to get back to the previous and got back to the recent bag again. Paranoid much, I know.

And it's not exactly light. But not actually heavy. Just enough. But still! Some people were looking at me like I escaped from some prison or some mental hospital. I don't know. I generally don't like people looking at me. I have my reasons. So yeah.

Oh! Meet my bus seat mate/intern mate, Jamae. Actually, Jamae and I already bargained to sit together! When we were in UST, right before going in the bus, the coordinator told us that we (interns) were already divided into two. Good thing that we were put into the same bus and stuff. So yeah!

We didn't know each other before internship but I can say that we're kind of close now. How odd, eh?

She's just so cute! Kind of childish though. But cute. We also bargained our seat. I mean, the window seat. I got to sit beside the window seat on our way home and stuff. The view was fantastic of course! Only that it rained on our way home.

See, she's just so tiny! So cute! LOL. And say hello to that panda hat! She kind of wears it a lot of times. I'm kind of confused. Like, I don't know.

Great landscape, don't you think? The picture above is ST. DOMINIC. Patron saint of my university, UST.

My name plate that was used to nothing. Oh! You know what? Good thing I didn't gain more weight when I was there because I SWEAR! We ate like every 2 hours or so.

We just want to take picture with the FOG! :D These people are my classmates now by the way.

Night life in Caleruega is actually fun. Nah, no night life. Just nature life and all that stuff.

Hanging bridge and stuff! Too bad it rained hard that weren't able to go the church at the top of the mountain. Oh wells. That's gonna be it, I guess? YUP. :)

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