Thursday, 11 July 2013

Attending a Debut Party

Hola guys! It's been a while, huh? I want to show you a party I have attended last week because you know, I just want to. I haven't been doing a lot of things lately or like, significant things? But anyways, yeah. Enjoy! 

Can I just say that I was actually a little bothered to wear black but then again I don't have much party dresses or like, formal dresses so I was like, fine. A day before the event, cousin texted me that she's gonna wear her black dress as well so I was like, okay so be it.

I did love the table set up because they have like fancy stuff there and like, chocolates that people can eat. I actually don't think that it's meant to be eaten but we did eat ours before the program even started.

I must say! That of all the debut parties I have attended, well, I haven't been to many but anyways. I must say that this is like the most gorgeous set I have ever seen. 

Just a little bit of kwento now. She's actually a childhood friend but obviously, she's 3 years behind my age but yeah we used to play whatever before. But we don't talk to each other now. I mean, we talked for a while during her birthday but that was it. That was like our first talk in a long time. So it's really something I won't forget. People grow up. I kind of missed her.

Can I just say that the food was yums! I'm actually on my pretense diet but anyways. I probably had more than what I should have in 2 days or so. No regrets.

Can I just say that I liked their Blueberry Cheesecake the most? It was awesome! :) Well, I really like blueberry cheesecake in general but I think this one is delish. I say that all the time so never mind.

I didn't like it as much as my cousin did but it was actually good. I don't know but I was actually kind of already full so I was thinking I might as well have another blueberry cheesecake. Huh.

Just like what we did when we were on Yakimix, we got one of each kind and shared. Except cousin got a mango pudding on her own and I got blueberry cheesecake on my own as well. 

I only liked the coffee and the melon flavored shots. The rest are like, meh! Me no likey. They kind of taste like cough syrup. The worst kind.


When we finished eating, we went straight to the shooters place whatever and had some drinks. It's always nice to drink with old friends. 

It may have been quite a while since we last talked prior to this but I'm pretty sure that she was and still is a good dancer.

I think her cake is like, gorgeous! But then again, just like many things that are colorful and pretty, it doesn't taste as good as it looks. But then again. Whatever. It still looks pretty, yeah?



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