Saturday, 13 July 2013

This Makes Me Proud.

We all know that Ramadan already started. I am a Catholic and this is somehow my point of view. I studied in a Catholic high school and I grew up studying Christian Living so I don't really know much about other religions and their stuff. Except probably when we studied it a little bit on our History. But that didn't make it justice. I also don't know anyone who is not a Christian other than dad and his friends . But that's another story since dad is not really a Filipino.

I also studied in a Catholic university so that didn't help me learning about other religion or beliefs as well. Oh well. I am not actually the type who want to study all these things but I don't know. I seem to be curious nowadays. 

To my story now. Yesterday, our class started at around 8 and the lecturer told us that we wouldn't have lunch and so my school mate, prepared as ever, brought out her cheese bread and offered it to the crowd. No one got a piece. Well except me and someone from OLFU. And then my class mate whispered, "Nagsimula na nga pala ang Ramadan". She realised when the girl seated beside her who's a Muslim told her something like, we can't really eat until 6. And at that moment, I was wowed. It's just something.  Their dedication to their beliefs is just something I wished we all carried. I know there are a lot of religious Catholic people but they are just unified. You know what I mean? Anyways, good vibes. I just want to share that. This is not to compare religions because that's just not right. Good job, Muslim friends. Keep it up! 

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