Tuesday, 4 September 2012

At least it's delicious. LOL.

When I came home (090312), I saw this at the table. Oh boy. Diet ruined. To be honest, I actually had cheeseburger from Burger Machine and then had some dinner and then this. What diet am I talking about again? LOL. 

GUILTY PLEASURE! For reals! It's a potato snack and it's dang good. It's actually a Calbee product and anything from Calbee is expected to be delish. Confirmed! And FATTY of course. 

I noticed that whenever I am in Japan, just because I eat potato chips from Calbee too much, I gain pounds and pounds just like that.

So this one is from Hokkaido, yeah? I don't know much about their potatoes but whatever. Anything from Hokaiddo must be something legit. I just know. LOL.


It's like double fried and deep deep fried french fries. And when you take a bite of it, you know you're gonna gain a pound or two in an instant. It's really very crunchy and stuff. Really fattening I suppose. But at least it's delicious. LOL.

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