Monday, 3 September 2012

Food Trip. BonChon Chicken

Like hours after I came home (090212), mom asked me if I want to eat at BonChon and stuff and I said yeah. So then we went to SM North EDSA because aside from the UST branch, I believe it's the nearest branch that there is from our place. The thing is only my sisters and I ate here and that they ate at some Hainanese I don't remember. So yeah. 

 I don't know what everyone's raving about actually. It's just that...For me, it's kind of ordinary. Don't get me wrong though. Ordinary is good. It's just that, it's not actually very good. But good. Get it?

Somebody explain! LOL. I love that they have matching clothes though. When I noticed it right? I told my mom so and she said that I shouldn't tell them because they don't like wearing the same stuff or whatever. Anyways. Back to the topic.

Here's what I got. Crispy Chicken Bulgogi. Pretty good. Really crispy I must say.

Food! And for some reason I look extremely tired. But whatevs.

This is probably my favourite part of the meal. It's really good. The combination of the ingredients is interesting and stuff so yeah. It's actually called something like "Ko-Yo" or something like Korean Yogurt but whatever. It's just FroYo. 

That's about it. :)

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