Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Random Japan Pictures Part 1. A Look Back.

 I miss doing this. It may sound whatever to you but yeah. Pigeons in Japan don't belong to some household or stuff. Pigeons are actually everywhere in Japan. Okay not everywhere. Usually parks. Like, as long as you have something they can eat, they would literally swarm like this. What I usually bring is a bag of popcorn and kind of grind it and spread it in the air or whatever.


I just like how pigeons are free to fly there. Here in the Philippines, most likely than not, they are owned. Oh well. Look at these happy pigeons. PRICELESS.

I definitely miss that rabbit thingy. I used to sleep with it by my side. I wonder where it is now though. Now, I certainly have nothing to do with the big bear but whatever. LOL.

Just playing! :)

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