Thursday, 12 July 2012

Stuff I Have But Haven't Used Yet.

Where do I keep them? These things right here. The red one is actually a Victoria's Secret box I got from a classmate. Well, I didn't know I still have them until about last year I guess. We kind of used that red box on one of our subjects so yeah. RECYCLE! LOL. The black thingy is given by mom. It's nice because it has this lock thingy. Although I'm not sure how pick-able that lock is, it's still nice. 

Most of the stuff I'll be showing you are stuff I got last 2 years up to now. I don't know. I just have this hobby of collecting stuff so they kind of accumulate and yeah, but nice and brand new nonetheless. I decided to collage them and kind of put them together because I don't want this post to be like probably 2 pages long or so. WAIT! Is that even possible? Anyways most of the stuff are from Japan and some from I don't know.  

The ice cream thingy looks delicious for real! Except for the sprinkles though. I don't like sprinkles. And the LIPTONS on the upper side are actually from HIDEMI babes. I don't know where the heaven did she get this but most probably from LIPTON yeah? Yeah. And that tempura thingy is just so cute!

So these are stuff I got either from mom or from auntie. The turtle is from Camayan Beach resort in Subic

These are random stuff! I love how I have all of these things. The yellow moon thingy I opened and tried to put it on one of my USBs but it just doesn't fit very well so I removed it. Even though that flower thingy that has MIKI on it is kind of rusty, I haven't used it yet. We actually bought it on a tour in Japan and the shop don't actually customize kind of. They have all the names prepared and that you just have to find your name. Well, Japanese names are usually not complicated and all that. Well, MIKIE is actually a Japanese name but I don't know what's wrong with that store. LOL.

Also random things. The earrings I got from my cousin Catherine, the dolphin snowball thingy we bought from Shinagawa Aquarium trip. The one in the middle of the earrings and the snowball is from my friend's Kim trip to South Korea. Awesome stuff! :)

Patriotic or not? Seriously? LOL. These are stuff from random places in Japan like NARITA AIRPORT, Fuji, Tokyo Tower, some bookstore, and yeah. :) 

Interestingly, I saved this thing for the last part.

It's a daifuku thingy and when you squeeze it, it goes like that on your right. Awesome huh? So cute!

I also have this small bag of handkerchiefs! And I got a couple of unused handkerchiefs as well.

I actually give these away to close friends and sometimes when I feel like I want a new handky kind of feeling, I do open one. I don't know. I'm so random like that. :)

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