Thursday, 12 July 2012

Snap! IKR.

Whilst looking at my Pinterest dashboard, I came across this. I don't really follow much people on Pinterest. I just browse random stuff and repin stuff and all that. Not a heavy user it. But anyways.

And it actually makes sense. I mean, might as well not fake it though. Faking it is rather intimidating because you're just probably copying someone else so that doesn't make sense as well. You get what I mean right? Those kids who just make scenes and all that. Although different, that's out of league.

So yeah, it's always nice. But by being different it doesn't necessarily mean you have to be some badass and all that stuff.

I guess different means trying to live life as you would live your life. Not according to this, that, him, and her. It's like living life as yourself. That's all! :) Our differences are our identity.

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