Thursday, 12 July 2012


I don't really have a problem with the word per se. Others are now pissed off with the word. But I'm all good. But I'm pissed off with maybe the view of some people. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE is rather a beautiful statement to live by. It's as if a reminder that we have to do all the nice things that we should do because after this life, there's no more.

Just a disclaimer though. I'm not very particular with religions because some religions say that there's life after death and all other beliefs but I'm only pertaining to this life alone.

I really don't like how people see this and overuse this to the extent that it loses it's content. People who influence others to do drugs, to smoke, to drink, to abuse others, to steal, to bully others, and all those stuff, HOLD ON A SEC. That's not what it's supposed to mean. I believe that we should all live our lives to the fullest but not by using drugs and all other stuff that can do us no good. You might think that drugs help but you know, NOT REALLY. I'm of course pertaining to drugs that aren't for anything and those drugs that are prohibited.

Going back to Y.O.L.O., isn't it such an inspiration for us to keep going and probably stop procrastinating and other stuff like that? Because if we have that thinking that we only live once, we might be more enthusiastic in doing things we have to do while we still can. Get it?

Maybe Y.O.L.O. is most applicable and appropriate to those who are still thinking of telling someone he/she loves her/him or those who're about to propose or those kind of stuff. But not useless stuff like getting wasted and high and stuff. We only live once, don't waste it. The problem with drugs and all that stuff is most likely, you're not even you. You'll just let time pass by and boom! Time wasted!

Like seriously. Someone needs to conduct a seminar for this thing.

I agree! :) it's almost now or never. The thing with some people is that they always assume that there's still heaps of time ahead of them. Sometimes true! But there are just legit things that have to be done regardless. Things that can't wait. But whatever.

One solution for people to stop thinking bad things about Y.O.L.O. is for useless (drug addict, abusers, and stuff) to stop using them.

So yeah, I hope I somehow made my point. I maybe not the best person that can explain this stuff but yeah.

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