Monday, 9 July 2012

Clean hands!

Before internship started, my mom bought these for me. Oh how awesome she is.

Hand sanitizers! We all know that hospitals are not the cleanest place to be. It's where all sick people are so yeah, we all need to protect ourselves. I used to have that Purell sanitizer but I ran out of it so yeah. I don't know much about how antibacterial they are but I definitely believe that it's better than none. We wear gloves pretty much but yeah better be safe than sorry, yeah? Also, it's supposed to moisturize! What more can you wish for?

zI super love this thing over here! It smells really good! Surprisingly, it smells like legit APPLE. Like, the first time I opened and smelled it, WOW. I'm not a big fan of apples though. I don't like eating apples but I don't mind smelling it. Gets? When I shared this sanitizer with my co-interns, the topic suddenly shifted to our favorite fruits and how some of us like apple and some not. Amazing! LOL. 

I don't particularly like this one though. It's supposed to smell like BLUE OCEAN but it's nothing like that. I mean, it smells something blue!

I think it's kind of a reverse thingy when describing a color to a blind person and stuff. If you smell this thingy for the first time and you have a foresight of what the color blue looks like, you'll probably see BLUE. Like, BLUE OR GREEN.

So yeah. Am I making sense? Not much? LOL. I genuinely think that my mom should have bought the reverse bottle size though. But it's okay.

Totally irrelevant:

A picture from the little "feast" that we had. Like, no occasion at all. We're always hungry like that.

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