Sunday, 8 July 2012

2NE1's I Love You MV. Review.

Can I just say that the music video is so posh! POSH LIKE THAT! I don't know exactly if I like it because there's nothing much to it. If you know what I'm saying. But I would classify it as good. What did I just say? LOL.

I don't know what Park Bom did in this video but her pretty self is probably enough. Seriously though! I don't know what she did in this. She kind of rode this thing and then sit on top of the bed and stuff and then what? O_o

But she's pretty and she SINGS WELL. Beat that! :D Also! One thing though, I don't get her green falsies. But it looks cool on her.

Minzy did good for sure! She was sexy and stuff doing that dancing and stuff. And some more stuff! LOL. Seriously though, I like her sexy kind of image. She dances really well so yeah, it fits her. I like how she's growing up. I mean, her roles and stuff. Can't stop saying stuff. Meh!

I don't find her hairstyle good though. I don't like the hairstyle above.

But this one is okay. Me likey! :)

Ugh! I fell in love with the umbrella thingy! Isn't it so posh? Likey!

Next is Dara. I actually like Dara! I like Dara in general LOL. Strangely, I like her hair too.

It's strange but it fits her. It reminds me so much of GD's hair for some reason. Like, Monster hair.

I like how she can cover up the shortest of her hair.


I like her style! Like, really. Like like like her style.

She can look girly, gangster, just about anything and in this music video, POSH.

There's actually a part in the video where CL kind of looked like Britney Spears. Only her suit is black and Britney's was red. But it's the same difference.

Also, I liked how the video reminded me of HARRY POTTER. Like, the HOGWARTS EXPRESS AND THAT TELEPHONE BOOTH. Is it just me or this world is full of Harry Potter stuff already?

LOL. Not complaining!

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