Saturday, 7 July 2012

Where I'm at.

Actually, we have no Internet at home so I'm currently at McDonald's enjoying fatty goodness. Coke Float, French fries and Chicken Sandwich in exchange of their free WiFi. Oh well. That's all I can say.


What happened was our DSL and phone wires are grounded and no one is capable to fix it. I'm so sure there is. But the guy that were supposed to fix it didn't go to our house the other day because it was flooding and then he didn't surrender our case to the office so what happened was the case paper thingy is with him at his house now. And today is his day off and there's no office tomorrow. Ugh.

No Internet until Monday.


  1. At least you're trying to make the best of it. Blogging with no 'real' internet available sucks bigtime!

    1. Yup! All that matters. Cheers! :)


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