Thursday, 5 July 2012

Shiki update.

My baby Shiki isn't so baby anymore. I mean, he's really growing fast. But he's still my baby anyways. So yeah, he was sick couple of months ago. We isolated him because we got many dogs that might be harmed by him and stuff. It's just outside the house though. We have a cage there and yeah we put them there and feed him with dextrose powder via a syringe otherwise he wouldn't eat anything at all so yeah. Also, we took him to the vet, he was diagnosed to have fever and diarrhea so he got antibiotics and vitamins. But he's all healthy now! No need to worry.

Here's how he looks now. He still acts like a baby though. 

Oops. LOL.

What I really really like about Shiki is when I come home from internship/school and I stand right behind the door, he's gonna be the first one to bark. His bark is particularly the loudest so I'm really thankful for that. We actually turned off our door bell because kids are always making fun of it so we're kind of disturbed by playing kids trying to prank and all that so with Shiki being there, voila! Instant doorbell.

Also! Just recently, he can jump out the door way already! It was hard teaching him that! He had to be carried out for walk and stuff but he can do that on his own now. But he still likes biting stuff. Notice the wood on the left side? It was used to cover up that are because when it was newly painted, he would bite that stuff and therefore ruined that side and when it was painted again, he did that again so yeah. I think it was repainted and all good now though.

See! He's even larger than his cage now.

How adorbs! Poor Shiki though. No more food.


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