Saturday, 27 July 2013

Oh-no You Didn't

Aloha guys! How are you? Me, you ask? Well hanging by a thread. But it's better than not hanging at all, aye? I just want to share to you guys an experience which might or might not be relevant to each other but whatever! Also, can I just share that yesterday, I was searching for the perfect picture to attach right?, and I didn't know what to put so I just searched "Just Keep Swimming" from Finding Nemo on We Heart It and saved it on my phone then on my way home, the guy in front of me, an athletic cute guy from University of the East if you may, have a tattoo on his wrist/arm and then from my position, all I could see was 'ard' so I was thinking maybe it's the last letters of his name so I settled for that but then after a while he kind of rested his arm on his lap and then I probably looked so weird and creepy that time but I really tried hard to read it with its weird font and stuff and then it turned out that it's "KEEP MOVING FORWARD" so I was pleased that the picture is meant to be here. No matter what. Anyways. 

Oh can I just say that I want a tattoo so bad now. But then I promised myself that I wouldn't get one until I was able to donate at least 1 gallon of blood so yeah. I must keep that promise. 

Okay so my kwento is about this. Yesterday, at about lunch time, I was at McDonald's right? Then beside me was an old guy and then I didn't notice him until 2 girls from Far Eastern University came in and then he offered his seat but the girls just ignored her. How mean of them (I thought). And I'm a little bit nosey so I thought that they're together and stuff and that the girls just didn't want to be with him on the same table. So then when he dropped his pen near my place, I took it, right? Because it's effin near my place and I thought he's already old and might not be able to pick it up on his own and anyway that's just what a normal person would do, yeah? I returned his pen to him and he was sooo thankful and asked me to transfer to his table. I did. WHAT WAS I THINKING? Like, seriously. He asked me where I came from and all that but don't worry guys! I didn't tell him the truth. I should be sorry about that but I was just protecting myself, you know. Okay so told me stuff like really random stuff like he told me he used to work for Mitsubishi and some random Japanese companies and then he said something about Shinzo Abe and that he told me that The Filipinos prefer the Japanese than the Chinese (no offense) because of that Spratly Islands issue and then just because I told him, he told me he studied journalism in UST and that it is his favorite alma mater and that he also studied in UP, University of Georgia and then somewhere else. He also told me he's a lawyer and just waiting for a client that is already late he added. He whispered "annulment". So after a while he told me he would go to Quiapo Church instead and then he was like "oh that reminds me of something" he then took his envelope full of stuff and then brought out an envelope. I SAW THAT COMING. He's actually an English speaking man so I didn't doubted right away but I somehow saw that coming. He told me that it's for donation and stuff and then told him I don't have extra money. He told me it doesn't have to be that big and I was like, even though. I told him I don't carry money around because it's dangerous and stuff which he bought so whatever. LOL. So then I hurried and left the crime scene. Because cheeseburgers. How have you been, guys? 

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