Wednesday, 24 July 2013

So Going Back Here

Just a little bit of kwento. I went to SM Manila right after I accompanied my friend to buy a compiled reviewer for the board exam and then I didn't want to go home right away also because I was a little bit panicky yesterday. One thing I should remember is to never ask people how far they have gone with their review. It makes me want to cry so I'm better off alone. Anyway. 

Well actually, I went to SM Manila thinking I would try French Bakery's Macaroons but unfortunately, they don't sell it there or they probably run out of it or something but that macaroon tasting didn't happen so I was like roaming around and then searching for a tea/coffee/yogurt place instead and voila! Saw this little tea place beside the cinema. I was like, so going there!! I'm a lucky soul. 

So luckily, I brought my notes with me and I decided to study a little bit whilst I was there. And what I like about this place is that when I take a brake or whenever I would look up just to rest my neck, I would see this art piece and then I would feel the determination rushing through my veins. Like, no joke. Maybe  all I need is an art like this and post it on my wall as well. Mmm... 

I got a Blueberry Yogurt which was awesome! But like any other yogurt drink, it doesn't taste right anymore after many sips so yeah. You know like when it's too bitter already like, on the tongue? No?

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