Thursday, 7 March 2013

The U.P. Experience.

Good news guys! Thesis done! :)) Happy kid! Okay so I promise myself not to blog about this until we've submitted all our requirements so I'm free to do so now.

We held our thesis experiment proper at the University of the Philippines, Manila mainly because University of Santo Tomas doesn't rear mosquitoes that we can use for the experiment. Our Thesis Adviser recommended us there and so yeah.

Me and le friend/thesis mate.


We made use of the Parasitology laboratory which is like, cool. It's not the usual air-conditioned UST type of laboratory and it's like very vintage looking so I like it. After our Thesis Oral Defense, le friend and I were talking about how we encompassed everything and we were talking about how we liked the U.P. experience and stuff and we were also thankful on how nice our U.P. mentors were during our stay there. 


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