Thursday, 7 March 2013

How Not to Blog.

Just to refresh you a little bit, under this category, I actually post Tumblr pictures that I like but don't feel like posting on my Tumblr page. IDK. Sometimes, I post anything under the sun but sometimes, I just like stuff but don't post it at all so I'm thankful that I kind of found a gateway for that. Thanks, Blogger! :)

I used to want to live in a castle like Disney's but now, it's just something nice to look at and appreciate. Oh I know! Instead of living in a place like this, I hope one of my friends would have a house like this so I could visit. :) Good luck, friends.

Maybe. I mean, we can't take off disappointments off people though. People do have different perspectives and ways on how to deal with things but yeah, sometimes it's not the ending that matters. Sometimes, you just have to enjoy the whole journey and learn from it.

I guess it was my on V-day when a co-intern brought a box of chocolates like this and shared it to everyone. I'm actually not a fan of chocolate boxes but it's so pretty so I liked this picture anyways. 

This is so awesome. Like, the whole idea of it. Don't you think? And also! I agree what it says. And yeah I'm actually considering getting a white tattoo but you know, still thinking about it.

That's all about it for now. Good vibes!

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