Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Good morning world!! :)

I saw this picture on Facebook and actually saved it on my phone. And then after awhile, I saw it on Instagram and yeah, I was like, wow. If all the people would be like that, then I guess we won't be having a problem and be successful and all that.

Can you see how close the guy is in getting all those diamonds? If he didn't give up, he's probably enjoying by now.

There's really a thin line between success and giving up. I just want to relate that to our thesis which is like, almost there na! I mean, we only need a few more signatures and we're done like that. No more. It's been quite a while since we suffered from that thesis stuff so I guess we were just too patient and didn't give up so we were able to achieve what we achieved and that we finished it with pride! Hahaha you know, not bragging or anything but our thesis is actually quite hard to accomplish. It's not like we can do it whatever time we want. We had to make adjustments.

Yeah just a reminder that we should all be patient and we'll get there! Wherever it is. :)

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