Sunday, 3 March 2013

Army Navy. UST.

Army Navy in UST is kind of new so it's always jump packed and all that but since we were so happy and we were really in the mood to celebrate the success of our Thesis Oral Defense, we didn't mind waiting. The thing is we were actually supposed to take-out the food and eat inside the uni but I guess we were lucky to be able to find a place inside so we stayed. 

That guy in a plaid shirt is my friend as well :)) Just saying. 

Thesis group mates minus 1. Oh well. 

Featuring AJ's creepy smile. Hahaha for some reason, nakakainis. Hahaha joke lang. Peace! :))

I had Burger there but actually, I was thinking of getting Chicken Burrito but since I already had Chicken Sandwich at Pancake House earlier, so I kind of changed up my mind. 

I'm gonna miss this group! Love! :)

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