Saturday, 2 March 2013

Chill Out!

If you're wondering where this is at, you might want to locate Jollibee Dapitan and then probably locate Love Lite and it's somewhere there! You go girl! Hahaha it's just my second time there. The first one I tried was a strawberry drink with some bursting bubble goodness but it's not actually that good. I mean, it's actually good and somehow interesting but you know! 

Loving Salty drinks lately. Like, addicted! I know it's not healthy to drink stuff like this everyday because you know, Henderson- Hasselbach equation. Wait, what? Hahaha

Usually, I really sip a little bit of the floating thingy before I mix everything up but I don't know what happened here because I kind of forgot I think and so my drink was a little bit saltier than normal but whatever. Still delish. But salty. Haha

On the same date that this happened, I also bought books from C&E because of the book sale which is like, CRAZY! Really crazy! A friend of mine asked me to buy a book for him and then I was tempted to buy a different book for myself because you know! I'm a sucker for sale. Who isn't? Haha

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