Friday, 8 March 2013

USTv IX and more!

So I actually decided to pick up my graduation pictures at Red Images because you know! I actually am supposed to pick that up last week but because of thesis stuff, you know! So since our thesis is done and all that, there's no reason for delaying it na. Anyways, after picking up my graduation pictures, we headed straight to UST to check out what's happening or whatnot. And since there's still not much people and there's like, no happenings yet, my cousin and I decided to get ourselves a drink. 

Cousin had the D'Cream Special while I had the Golden Sun. Just a quick review though. Golden Sun in my opinion is like, pure cream. It's really really sweet and creamy or maybe they kind of made a mistake there I wouldn't know of course because it was my first time ordering that. D'Cream Special is like, awesome (kind of) but it's still too sweet. I couldn't blame them of course because it's in the name. 

After we bought drinks, we bought this. I was really curious about this stuff because everyone's like getting this and would eat this on the way so I was like, hey, it's time! Haha

It was good! Like, on the go food which is very smart of them because you know, university students don't have much time to queue for McDonald's or KFC with their 1 hour break so yeah. Awesome awesome. Can't wait to try their other stuff. 

Love the lights. :))

The flowers from this tree is actually falling down and it looks so pretty on the ground.

Capture the moment, they said. 

There were more artists who came but I wasn't able to take pictures of them, sorry. Anyways. It was overall fun. I guess it was only my second time watching the ceremony but yeah, I did enjoy it. Of course we didn't go home straight after that. We kind of took pictures pa. Some of them I will share soon! :) That's all. 

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