Friday, 8 March 2013

Before I Die.

Before I Die's Tumblr is actually all over and tonight, I thought, I should take a look at it and pick my top 10! It doesn't necessarily mean that these 10 are all I want to do in life and stuff but you know, just a representative of the stuff I want to do. And since I'm already 21 now, I probably should get started with these. Like, at least 2 goals a year. Well, ideally, yeah. And this is in no particular order guys. :)

This is actually our plan ever since. Like, we will get a condo and live together like live the life there and all that and yeah quite excited for that! 

I'm actually a fan of Harry Potter so this is really part of the plan. Quite excited for this! Soon! Soon! In conjunction with this, I also want to go to King's Cross Station and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

I like football. And I'd love to support my countries. Probably not in Brazil this 2014. Maybe in Russia and/or Qatar. Or maybe after that. It can get so pricey though but you know! Wish me luck. I need it. LOL. 

And cousin! I could go alone but it would make a whole lot of difference if I would go with them. I would also want to take my mom with me and just be cool together. And sisters too! :) And brother! And grandparents! I want to go to France, Rome, England, Germany, South Korea, USA, and a whole lot more countries with them! 

And be on her show. I don't know but she gives me good vibes and like, optimism in life. I think I could learn a lot more from her so yeah. Maybe. Maybe.

I love my mom and I owe my life to her so I want to return all the happiness back not because I have to. But I want to. Like, she's awesome. I may have disappointed her but I promise I'll make her proud. 

I'm like way too far from it but yeah, will work on that. 

It's been a while since I had this guitar but still no improvement. I want to play at least 10 songs but yeah, got to work on that one too. Why is it so hard to get started?

And I don't mean frying eggs :)) LOL. I sincerely want to learn how to cook because you know, a girl should know how and I think it's something you can be proud of. Like, yeah? Yeah.

May all of my dreams come true. And yours too! :)

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