Thursday, 20 December 2012

Paskuhan Tips 101.

I can't believe that it's like tomorrow already. I don't know know what its gonna be about but most likely Christmas, yeah? Hahaha but I know for sure that it's gonna be fun. Like, a whole lot of fun. For sure.

But it can't always be magical and wonderful because you know. Things happen. Here are some tips/DOs/DON'Ts and just about whatever I could think of for this moment to be wonderful.

If you're a Thomasian, you probably know what to expect. So these guides are probably for Freshmen/Outsiders.

1. Bring your I.D.

- Like, seriously. It'll be like a FastPass to Disney Land or something. Because those who don't have someone to bring them inside the university or probably can't contact their Thomasian friend would like queue and actually block the gate so if you don't bring your Thomasian I.D., that's gonna be your luck. More or less.

2. Bring something to sit on.

- Old newspapers, blankets, mats, whatever. It's gonna be your sanctuary for the whole night so yeah.

3. Don't expect to be able to use your phone to send texts or to be able to call.

- Nope. Unless you're lucky.

4. Please do not litter.

- Like, please understand that we (Thomasians) somehow actually paid for the event to happen and it's so mean of you guys to actually throw your rubbish anywhere you want. Isa bang malaking park ang UST? Hindi. Thanks.

5. Don't bring your car. Just carpool.

- So that we can avoid traffic. :))

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