Saturday, 22 December 2012

Paskuhan 2012.

Guess what? If you can remember, or did I even tell you? I actually forgot to charge my camera last Pasukan (2011). And then I promised myself that I'm not gonna make the same mistake again. I then charged my batteries and all that and then when I first opened the camera, NO MEMORY CARD INSERTED. WTF? Talk about luck. Like, what the fudge. So what did I do?

All thanks to my iPhone.

So that's what happened. Anyways. Good thing my cousin brought her camera so yeah. All is good.

It's actually quite unlucky for me because I kind of wanted to be in front but like, this is the best spot we can find. And it's even that near. But I must say that this spot is the nearest spot we could get so whatever.

This is us. Like, only the three of us this time. Our other friend should also be with us but she wasn't able to find us so whatever.

Sister is happy. LOL.

 She was actually bored and just got excited when the much anticipated FIREWORKS DISPLAY happened. And then got bored and just got excited when SPONGE COLA performed. 

I decided to introduce them to my new favorite street food. DYNAMITE. My cousin liked it. My sister, not much. But whatever. She doesn't like a whole lot of food anyways.

Another sister and I photo.

The ever blurry but happy picture of my cousin and I. Oh wells. That's life.

I actually insisted that we should like take pictures here because the lights are so gorge. Okay now for my feels. I actually enjoyed it. And probably just like my sister's, I have to thank the FIREWORKS and SPONGE COLA for uplifting my spirit. Because I was kind of bored a little bit. But anyways overall, it was fun. This is probably gonna be my last Paskuhan for quite a while and yeah, I'm just so happy that I made the most out of it. Or at least I can say that.


  1. Great photos :) Aww sister love <3 Oh my , I know how it feels to forget to charge your camera. I forgot to charge mine too for my yesterday's picnic but thanks to Lord my camera had enough charging to take 250 photos :P

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    1. I'm actually gonna be out for a picnic this week so hopefully I wouldn't forget either my memory card or batteries. Thanks for stopping by. :))


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