Sunday, 23 December 2012


All iPhone pictures in case you are wondering. Because you know, I can't borrow my cousin's camera because she was using it as well.

Like, surprisingly, I was kind of impressed.

Heart the heart. Like, literally. This is like some kind of a magical moment since the song playing in this right moment was WE FOUND LOVE. Speaking of which, I kind of liked the songs they played. Like, all. I am kind of proud of myself too for the picture above. Awesum!

I am kind of disturbed because you know that optical illusion that lets you count the black dots? IT'S HAPPENING. Hahaha and I don't know if I should be annoyed or what.

Can I just say that UST did a good job in pranking us all? Like, seriously. Great job guys. If you're not there, what happened was they kind of let us count to 1 and then some crappy fireworks display happened. And there's no sound so whatever and everyone was like asking for the sound and stuff and it ended quickly. Well, it's actually not that crappy but IT WAS FAR FROM THE USUAL UST FIREWORKS DISPLAY. So whatever.

And then we kind of faced the front again right? Because the first one kind of happened behind Plaza Mayor or somewhere in that area. And the host announced something like, "THE REAL FIREWORKS DISPLAY!" and then these pictures happened.

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