Thursday, 20 December 2012

Give me a break. Rant.

The thing is I don't usually answer back to people. Not that I get complaints often but you know! I actually rarely answer back. It's either I'm sure that I am right or I think that I am mostly right. The point is! There are just some people I can't stand anymore.

Let me just share some of my internship experiences. Can I just say that lately, I get really pissed off easily by stuff. And it's not just me. Ha! In Histopath section, we actually get to extract from our patients' and that means we actually have to deal with the relatives. Which I hate by the way. If you don't know already.

I have three stories to tell you. Just so you would be able to figure out what I am trying to tell.


This happened during the morning pick-up. If you don't know what that is, it's when we extract blood from the patients' every morning for their laboratory exams and all that stuff.

Okay so let's start for real with the first case.

There's this patient who I was about to extract right? I informed the relative and guess what? The relative left. I actually don't know if I persuaded her to leave or what but when I informed her, she left. And I don't know why. If you know me, you would know I don't mind. Hospitals here should be like hospitals in Japan. NO RELATIVE ALLOWED. Anyways, so I tried to extract blood but when I injected the needle, he was like moving and tried to remove my tourniquet and his other hand was like so makulit. So obviously, I wasn't able to extract blood properly.

Morning picks actually go by pair so I helped my co-intern with his extraction and asked him to hold the other patient for me. Guess what? The relative is back and she was already complaining on how blood was already extracted yesterday and the other day and all that. I mean, they probably don't know that laboratory tests are repeated almost everyday for monitoring and all that. And she was explaining about a test that was done to the patient which is not actually our job so whatever. So I extracted blood with my co-intern holding him but he was still moving a lot and all that. So I just got like 1cc and went down.


This one was actually an endorsement so I was already expecting that it is a hard to extract patient. Edema is actually our enemy since it makes everything worse. Like, seriously. And my post mate actually already endorsed the relative was whiny and was like complaining.

So I was actually extra courteous when I went to the ward and then I searched for the vein and actually, I was able to hit the vein but the blood was coming out too slow so I kind of don't know whether or not to pull it already because it's still not enough but I'm aware that it might already be clotted so whatevs. When I reached the end of the syringe with my plunger, the blood is not flowing anymore so I pushed it back to the level of the blood and guess what? This relative asked the most ridiculous thing ever. WHY ARE YOU INJECTING AIR? I pulled it out and yup! It was clotted. So whatever.

I then answered IT'S NOT AIR. IT'S VACUUM. And then she kind of said so many things that I can't even anymore and said I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING. And she said yeah I know what you know what you're doing but blah blah blah blah blah. Can you just stop already? GUSTO MO YATANG IKAW NA KUMUHA NG DUGO EH? Nakakahiya naman. And then I kind of said that we have other patients like that as well. Just so she know that it's not gonna be my first time. And guess what she said? I DON'T CARE ABOUT OTHER PATIENTS. I was so close in saying I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR PATIENT TOO. But I just shook it off. So close.

I actually have other vein to extract from but since I don't want to stay because you know! I might say something else.

But then I said sorry and just walked away. Thanks to the relative of the other patient for actually defending me and saying it's really hard to extract from patients like that.

And then I endorsed it to the nurse and she said she also can't extract blood from that patient and so I was like okay, I'll just endorse it to my staff.

So that happened.

Can I just say that I was really really pissed off? Like, injecting air?? What kind of science is that? If I indeed injected air, she probably wouldn't be able to speak anymore because her relative would be dead. Annoying.


I've been hearing about this patient for a while now. Like the staffs are always mentioning her. Thing is we actually don't extract blood from those who pay for everything they avail. Like, those who are from the pay ward.

So then I got asked to go to her ward with the pathologist on duty and the relatives were so nice and all that. The guy was combing his mother's hair and all that. And then they were really really nice that the guy actually got a flashlight and pointed it to his mother's hand for the doctor to actually see better.

The staff on duty who endorsed actually said that she tried 4 times and failed and all that and then the pathologist I was with tried like 4 times and failed. But did the relatives complain? No.

So whatever.

They all get hurt. It's not like there's local anesthesia for those who are in the pay ward or something. Some people just have to be a little more understanding.

For patients' relatives one and two. What do they expect their patients to be in a hospital? Effing comfortable? No needles and all that? Stay home then. Government hospitals like my hospital now is trying to help but you have to help us too. Just effing shut up. It would really mean a lot.

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