Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Like, really. More Singing.

Excuse my feet but this I do as a tribute to THE VOICE. Which is ending very soon. 

This is them with their classic duets. Like, they don't even have to sing together because you know, they don't have to. Hahaha but for some reason, they would like grab the mic and together and one of them wouldn't sing anyway and like, just drop the mic back the table. Ang labo lang.

SelCa. If you don't know already, I actually had a hair cut so my hair is looking weird like that. Or I probably mentioned that to you already. Or not.

Is my sister sleeping for reals or what? LOL. I don't know if I told you before but I actually slept a little bit the last time we went here.

Then we availed the same package we availed before. Which I didn't expect by the way. Because like, we had dinner at McDonald's prior to this but never mind. We were still able to finish everything. Hahaha

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