Tuesday, 18 December 2012


So we had our hospital Christmas Party last Friday and part of the program was like, a performance from each laboratory section. Our theme was DANCE DANCE DANCE so I guess it wouldn't be hard to guess what we did. Because one criteria for winning is actually relevance to the theme. Whatever. LOL.

Kim and I haha. We actually performed first so I really ate as fast I could just so you know. I don't know.

Food was actually great. Like, we had LECHON, some pork, chicken, and rice. Too bad I wasn't able to eat deserts. Like, every group actually brought something for desert and I believe ours brought cupcakes but after our performance, we actually extracted blood from patients upstairs already so whatever.

Thanks to a friend who actually took the pictures above. Like, he's not from our hospital but visited us anyways. And if you can recognize that guy on the first picture, yup! My previous post mate from my first internship. Not from my hospital now as well. Hahaha

Our group in action. Like, aren't we cute? Yup! We are. Hahaha just kidding.

This is my post mates. Like, I'm so proud of us really. We really did a good job.

We actually didn't win first place but it's really good to know that people enjoyed our performance and even the winning group was actually shocked that we didn't win. Right before our performance, we actually said that even if we loose, we should still be happy because we had fun dancing and practicing and all that. So yeah.

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  1. Awww better luck next time. But yeah it's still cheery that you all made people happy :)
    Your head piece is cute and lovely!

    Aree With Umbrella


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