Sunday, 16 December 2012

More Community.

These are just pictures from our latest community trip which I've learned a lot from. Like, not directly. But you know, sometimes, we have to really reflect and see things differently for us to actually learn. It's not always like in the uni or school or any learning institutes you know. We learn from our own experiences too.

Unlike before, this community trip is actually sponsored and so we were able to rent buses and all that for the trip. If you can remember, we actually just rented a jeepney on our first field work.

Another picture before actually setting off.

This is how the community looks like. I guess we were lucky because it didn't rain and all that and with the existing condition of the community, I think we wouldn't actually like the rain very much.

For some reason, we were really happy LOL. Say hi to my partner.

A picture of me inside the maze like path that our preceptor was talking about prior to the deployment. It was really really dark and I can't imagine how people live their lives there but it was fun. Like, fun learning experience.

Say hi to my Korean friend slash co-intern. :))

Me interviewing a family in action! :)

Finalizing the work. 

Happy because we finished work earlier than last time. :))

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