Sunday, 16 December 2012

iPhone Pictures.

Me and a friend at the studio's lobby waiting for our turn to be called.

Can I just say that this girl friend of mine waited like forever to have her picture taken and all that? Like what I said in my previous blog, I think it was really awesome to catch up and talk to her that time because I really haven't seen her in like, FOREVER. And there couldn't be more perfect time than this. This is before she had her glamour/creative shot taken. And guess what I noticed? If your answer has anything to do with her looking like Adele, we're at the same page.  I told her that and we were singing Rolling in the Deep whilst waiting and yeah, had fun. Haha


If you're familiar with RED IMAGES, you would know that the hair isn't actually supposed to be done the way it is in the picture. So I concluded that the stylist actually visualized Adele and stuff.

Cousin and I. The picture above and below are actually taken way back our Kazam's and Cerealicious trip.

More of us.

I guess I should stop haha. You know! Before I could reveal anymore pictures of our face. Like, nothing really worth looking at. That's all :)

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