Tuesday, 4 December 2012

InstaPix 3.

It's been a while since my last set of pictures. Told you I'm not a fan of Instagram. But I'm really starting to understand it.

If you haven't seen my blood donation story, click here.

The free red iced tea at Kazam's.

The wall posters at Cerealicious.

UST at night. The Christmas lights are actually not as fascinating as it was before. Like, not so much to look forward to. But it's always nice to see UST lit up like this.

Dynamite! It's actually everywhere these days. Basically, a green chili with whatever you choose. Well, not really whatever. From what I know, or at least the stall I go to, you choose from potato, lumpiang shanghai, bacon, and cheese. It's actually not that hot. I mean, of course you can taste a little bit of it but thinking it's actually chili, I'd say it's less hotter that what we all think it should taste like. They also top it with cheese and mayo so yeah. Nice nice.

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