Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Nailed It. Dirty Snow.

No idea why I named it as such. LOL. It's almost Christmas! So, relevant! Yeah? :))

I actually keep my nails as simple as possible because I'm actually assigned to extract blood from OPD patients and I don't want to distract them with my colorful or whatever nails. Also, I don't want to paint it with a very good color because I know my nails would just get dirty from probing veins and all that. 

I didn't even put a lot of layers because once I change post, I'll repaint this as soon as I can. But it's quite a pretty color, is it?

Because sometimes, I think I do a weird some sort of a gesture to show my nails. LOL.

Saw something that can disguise my boring self into a creative one. Hahaha

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