Saturday, 8 December 2012

Random Ramblings. Random.

I just don't know how to stress this enough but I really think that it all starts from within. I mean, we should always start with ourselves first before we become relevant to others.

And this happened..

The other day, a senior-senior staff kind of randomly said that we should love ourselves first before we could serve. And this is in line with when I kind of opened up to her that in our first in, we were not allowed to extract blood as much as we are free to do so in our second in and that's how the conversation started.

She asked why the chief med tech in that laboratory (which I assume is her friend 'coz she mentioned the name even if I didn't tell) so scared. Like, so what if someone got pricked or whatever? Not everyone would get pricked. It's not the same for everyone. And she said that if we'll be going thru the same thing, we should recover from it. Prove that we're not all about that. Or we'll be known as the one who failed forever. And we don't want that, aye?

"If you fall, don't just stay on the ground. Stand up."

And I approve. You know. People might actually remember us from our failures and all that but there will be people who will remember us for our achievements. And let's just start from within. I mean, we don't have to please so many people anyways. Probably just ourselves. I bet it'll feel real good to see ourselves with the things we wanted to achieve. Like, even if we failed, we tried, and succeeded. That's a legit pattern right there.

So yeah. We should always see things as challenge and that we should always find a way to do it. Probably not right away. Like, eventually. I don't approve of doing things blindly. Like, think first before doing things. And then go. If it doesn't work, think again and then go. You know. It goes on. Just don't give up.

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