Thursday, 11 October 2012

Move On.

It seems like impossible but you'll get over it.

At some point, after giving it your all for the longest time, you'll get tired of struggling to get someone or someone back or whatnot. But the good news is, you'll realize that one day, you're just wasting your time over that someone who doesn't even give a dang or dang anymore.

It may seem unfair that they don't give us their time and stuff but thinking about it, we're actually being unfair mostly to ourselves for denying ourselves the happiness and the freedom to enjoy life. But that's another story.

At some point in your life, you will feel alone. THAT'S PROBABLY TRUE. But that doesn't mean you are! You just have to re-establish your thinking. Like, don't think that you'll be with that person you want to be with and you'll notice that there are a lot more out there. I'm not saying that you should get them all and stuff but the point is, stop trying to get someone who doesn't have the slightest will to be with you. Get it? PLUS! You have your family and friends with you. For sure. So don't feel so alone.

Like, at some point, you'll realize that you're more important than that person. That you have to make yourself happy. UNLESS YOU'RE HAPPY THAT YOU'RE NOT PART OF THE OTHER PERSON'S PLAN. Which I doubt and I hope I'm right of my uncertainty.

OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND. I don't know if I already said it here or whatever but yeah. Try not to come across to anything that'll just remind you of that person and after quite some time, it'll get better. You won't be wanting the person as much as you did and that can be the start of something good. It's not gonna be instant! You have to be patient and be sooooo determined that when the urge to actually fall for that person ever again comes, you will not.

I actually am feeling better about quite a lot of things so this post is relevant to me too. I need improvement on whatever I'm doing but whatever happens, at least I'm going there. That's all that I want to say. See yah!

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