Thursday, 11 October 2012

Proud Thomasian.

As a Thomasian, it pains me to see these pictures.

It also makes me happy at the same time though. BIPOLAR much? LOL. But seriously, being the second of the lot, I actually expected that the Tigers will actually make up for their loss last time. Well, obviously, it didn't happen. It didn't happen to the point that it will matter. To the point that it will actually change anything.
It makes me happy though that I know in my heart that they did their best. And I guess that's all we can hold on for now. I just didn't like the turn over that happened at the very end when we had the chance to actually tie it and stuff but let's not talk about that anymore.

What's done is done. As I said before, we are good. But there's always gonna be someone better. This world is such a competitive world so let's always try to do our best and hopefully that'll be enough to get us thru next time. :) Good vibes. Congratulations, everyone. 

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