Saturday, 13 October 2012


I just want to update this blog about some certain facts and happenings in this life. Okay. I actually don't know where to start but let's do it anyways. I started IN-2 not so long ago. I met some friends and yeah, that's awesome.

Unlike IN-1, well, in IN-1, there are actually interns from two universities. Whereas in IN-2, we have like 4 universities. And the number of interns are tripled, I believe. Or a little bit less than that. But you get the point. As of the level of things to do, tripled as well. But less exhausting. It's just that we're so many in one post and the tasks to be done are kind of divided. Unlike in my previous hospital where we're solely in-charge of doing everything. Almost. The number of hours is 2 hours over the usual but still. Kind of awesome. The staffs are so far kind. The head of my section now is by far so kind and awesome. I think he's gonna be my favorite or whatever. Because I had a feedback from our senior interns that the guy is actually their favorite staff so I might end up the same. Okay. That was random. Anyways.

I like my post mates. I like my group mates. No issue or whatever so far. So yeah. FEU, CEU, MCU, and UST. :D World peace. Hahaha. When I saw this on Facebook, I was like WTF? LOL.

Nothing like that. It's just that we kind of like to make fun with our group mates on the right that they actually made a comeback. LOL. The people on our right side are actually representatives of two different universities for the PAMET quiz show so we just thought that they're meant to be. LOL.

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