Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Random Ramblings. Umm...

We get hurt too.

As much as I kind of looked forward to wearing my uniform now, I kind of don't like some stuff. Well, not that I don't like how it looks though.

As much as I worked extra extra hard to be in my turtle neck/Chinese collar dress uniform, there's still something about it that's kind of disturbing. 

Me is not pleased. LOL. And when I move a lot, the snap thingy opens. Dang. But then again I must not complain. LOL. But I just did so whatever.

But then again I'm happy because with internship, and with that comes wearing this uniform, I met these wonderful people so yeah. Whatever.

Us eating our dinner at MANG TOOTZ yesterday for dinner. Which is quite awesome. Had so much Banana RhumA. I guess. 

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