Friday, 19 October 2012

Manila Zoo Visit. Part 1/2.

So I kind of wanted to visit this zoo for quite a while now. I've been there maybe three times but the last time I went there was way back high school so that's kind of way way way back. There's a lot of controversies going on so I kind of wanted to see it for myself.

Let's get started.

This is actually the first thing we saw. And I was like,  WTF? And then when we kind of moved a little, we saw that people are kind of looking at something there so OFF we go.

I don't actually know why but the elephant was temporarily placed there. But then again after we actually passed thru the reptile tunnel, the elephant was freed.

I actually didn't hear it or anything but my cousin actually told me that the elephant was banging the wall and all that stuff. I wonder why though. So as I was telling you, we went through the reptile stage and guess what? I discovered that my iPhone works better than my digital camera when it comes to taking pictures inside the glass thing.

Very short walk but interesting place. Like, not extraordinaire or whatever. Something you would expect to see in a zoo. Actually, kind of less but whatever. 

With the two pictures of snakes above, if you can tell, there's actually a kind of big bump or whatever. The reason behind it is that there are actually live chickens inside their cage and yeah.

These two are actually untouched. Few girls actually screamed when we were on the other end of the tunnel and my cousin reckons that it was due to the snakes eating the chickens. Which is actually a good hypothesis if you ask me. Or maybe they're just playing around. So...

More reptiles. 

For some reason, we really have an issue with the low barrier wood kind of thingy. We felt kind of unsafe with it because we actually don't know what to expect. Sort of. They should have placed the animal's identification at the very front so we would know. 

Also! I think that since the zoo is actually quite big, they should somehow consider renovating it to kind of give equal amount of space to animals. Just saying. Like, I think this cage alone is pretty small for them all. 

This one too. I probably get the idea that they kind of want to let the animals live together and all that stuff but yeah. I think it would have been better if they were given their own space. I think.

Or they probably just want to live together. Okay, I have nothing to say to that.

I don't know if we counted it right, but we think there are four tigers inside the zoo. There are only three in this collage thingy because the two pictures below are actually the same tiger.

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