Friday, 19 October 2012

Manila Zoo Visit. Part 2/2.

Okay so we continue. :D

Just when I though this spot is perfect for a picture, there's some tetra pack below the bench. Oh well. Life.

This is supposed to be the cage where the porcupine is. Well, the porcupine is actually there. But how the hell can we see it? People are trying to mess with us. Really.

Like, seriously?

Some dark horses. They're actually cute.

For some reason, when we were about to leave the zoo, the birds actually screeched really loud and all that. Which actually scared us a little bit. But whatever.

And just a fun fact, the zoo keepers need to teach their parrots some manners. When we approached the parrot (second frame) it said PANGIT (ugly) LOL. Sooo mean!

Need some improvement on bird cages too, aye? But I like this bird. Kind of colorful.

They probably need to touch up paints too. Oh wells. And then we went to Robinson's Place Manila to get some stuff mom asked us to get for them and all that.

LOL for inappropriate blog pictures.

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