Friday, 19 October 2012

My Soul Wants SEOUL.

So last May 2011,  I blogged about this on my WordPress blog account which I am not updating by the way. So I figured I want to blog about the top 5 things I would want to do in South Korea. Soon, I hope.

1. Just be in Seoul.
It may sound weird but I just want to feel how it feels to be in Seoul. Do you feel me? Like, you know how different it is to kind of watch a concert on TV and to actually watch it live, right? That kind of hunger. I want to feel Seoul. 

Take pictures and stuff like that! 

Namsan Tower, Teddy Bear Museum, Hello Kitty Cafe, Seoul Zoo, Han River, and all that stuff.

2. Visit Lotte World.
Since South Korea doesn't have a Disney Land, well, North Korea too I think but yeah. I guess Lotte World is actually the way to do it. Or EVERLAND, is it? But whatever. I think I want to go to Lotte World more.

3. Visit Bukchon Hanok Village.
Like, I've seen this village in movies, series, and all that stuff so I really want to see it myself.

4. Walk along Chonggyecheon Stream.

Like, it's so common of a place but whatever. I still want to go

Life, for reals. Everything. I want to try a little bit of everything and go back for more. Like, eating at some fancy restaurant wouldn't probably give me that Seoul vibes as much as eating along the streets of Seoul, right?

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