Thursday, 18 October 2012

Everybody Grows Up.

Just a little update, this how MOCHA'S PUPPY (inappropriate caps lock-ing) LOL. So yeah. She's just so cute and she likes to bite toes. And more.

Let me just show to you a photo that I took just recently.

She's so fluffy! Like, I can't even.

Cute! Like, she's really cute. But of course, babies are supposed to be cute so I can't really tell. LOL.

Actually, lucky for me that I was able to snap a photo because usually, she would jump around and try to escape this mini labyrinth of hers. Tongue out means ready to bite. LOL.

She's just so precious! LOL. We actually think that she looks like Mocha, her mother. I don't know why but it's been a while since Mocha actually conceived a puppy that looks like her. WEIRD. I think the last time was Genki. Not sure. You know because some of them died so we can't tell. That's the sad part.

Here's a revolution chart that I made. Hope you'll appreciate the little effort I made. LOL. And just because I said EVERYBODY UP THE TITLE, Here's a Shiki update. (MY DOG. NOT PUPPY) anymore.

Shiki is so much bigger now. Like, big enough to actually guard the house. 

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