Monday, 30 December 2013

UST Paskuhan 2013

Hi guys! I want to share what happened during PASKUHAN! And man I tell you! It was not glamorous at all. Not pretty! Like, quite messy but fun in some ways. I have been attending Paskuhan for quite a while now and I think this is not the best that I have been. Let's start from the start. We arrived really really early for the occasion. Say, 4 pm? The Paskuhan is not until 7 so we really tried our best to beat our own record. I think our earliest time is around 5 ish. So since we were early, we decided to have merienda first. 

cousin and I
sister dear

We went to Santorini! Again, that might not be any News to you at all since you probably know by now that I love going there. Also, we had some milkshakes from Indulgence.  And then we went back to the field. I tell you it was rather a very rainy Paskuhan. Like to the point where we weren't able to use the newspapers (to sit on) I prepared. It's just a floody/muddy mess.

It all started with a mass and during the mass, I was really hoping that the rain would stop immediately. It didn't fail me. That much. It continued raining for a while after the mass and stopped for good after probably an hour.

 I really really feel so bad that we left during the mass but we didn't really mean it. We're just avoiding getting wet and probably sick. We didn't leave as in leave though. We stayed on the pavement where there are trees to shelter us sort of. 

this is all we get
And this Paskuhan is really different because there's no fireworks and stuff but the priest told us that it wouldn't be a Paskuhan without Fireworks so this happened.

Main Building is Gorgeous!

After the mass, we gladly went back on track. And what's nice in this year's Paskuhan is that there are few mono blocks and I guess we were lucky to be able to get some for ourselves. One thing I really wanted to achieve each Paskuhan is to get closer in front. Like, god knows how far we were on stage for like 4-5 years and yeah this Paskuhan is the closest we were on stage and yay for us!

this is how close we were
I would still prefer us being at the center of the field though but this is a lot better than being at the back or somewhere not in front. Quite an achievement. Can we just take a moment and appreciate the beautiful but awkwardly positioned chandelier.

Danita Paner
People would probably say Joyce Pring but I'd say Danita is the most gorgeous person I've seen on stage that night. Irrelevant information.

My favorite performer? RICO BLANCO! Like, it's not even debatable. He's just so good! The rest was also good but he's just the best. The performances were great! I don't have anything bad to say about the performances but man they really started too late.

 I think it's because of the rain or something but still, it was annoying. I think they started at around 8:30 and the thing is we weren't able to finish all the performances and stuff because I was expecting a 12am wrap up but this time around they still have 2 bands on queue at 1:30 in the morning. Also, they were cutting performances. I mean, the host would come out all of a sudden during a short pause thinking the performance is done but yeah I think they were rushing things already. Oh well.

who's haggard?
I have duty in the morning so we really have to go home so we did.  That's about my Paskuhan experience guys. See yah!

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