Sunday, 29 December 2013

Sassy Colors Nail Polishes

Hi guys I just want to show you what I got from the exchange gift we had at the dinner party. I told you that it was sort of a wish list process (which I hate) but yeah that's another story. I'm nonetheless thankful for what I received. The one who got my name actually went a little overboard the said price so thanks! 

I wished for nail polishes (surprise surprise) and yeah these are my new babies. 

I just thought it would be nice to have new colors for new year and stuff just to play around and color my life! For eff's sake. Don't worry I'm not gonna put these on my lips LOL. 

I really liked the gift despite me knowing what it will be but yeah it was a nice variety of colors which I like and yeah I also liked that most of the colors (if not all) are the colors that I would have picked myself. I like the baby pink shade (left) and the salmon color (right). I just think that I like subtle colors more nowadays. By the way when they asked for the wish list, I wrote ''nail polish' right? Moments later, there was a response and basically asking what color I prefer and then I replied 'except black/white'. Okay. 

I'm really intrigued by their color change thing and I can't wait to see what the fuss is all about or if there's any. I will observe therefore next time. So that's it guys! By the way my mom kept one bottle herself. LOL. Bye! 

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