Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Office Christmas Party

This might be a little boring but I just want to share with you guys our little Christmas Party. Mostly pictures because I don't really have much to share well except for a crazy taxi ride on our way there. As I was saying guys, we rode a taxi from the City Hall to the venue and although it was a struggle to find one that would lead us to the place, we managed to ride one but this is what happened. Let's just start this blog with a picture for featured photo's sake. LOL.

So I am quite familiar to the place since we've been dining around the area quite occasionally and this taxi driver agreed to take us to the place, right? He was going to the right direction at first and I actually kind of remember the exact place of the venue but when he passed by that place, I was like, okay, maybe I was wrong and then he went straight somewhere and I was like, bitch wait! I asked the driver ever so politely if he thinks we already passed by the place and he was like " where are we going again?" and I was like, somebody stop me! LOL. 

who run the world?

It's probably a tactic. He probably thought we don't know where we're going and he's gonna roam around so that the charge meter would go higher and stuff. So that's the story folks. Anyways. It was relatively a short night. We basically had dinner. But they did give the 13th month pay that time which was unannounced and they said it would be given some other day so that was a surprise. 

Photo bombing fail (sort of)
giving my gift
receiving my gift 
Also, we exchanged gifts which was also a highlight. I mean, we have wish-lists though. I don't like the idea of wish listing. It's like having someone buy something for you. Why don't you just buy it yourself then? I know it's a guarantee that you'll like the gift but the essence of giving is lost along the process. Somebody stop that shit. Okay that's all I have for this post guys! Expect a lot more Christmasy thing and yeah see yah! Merry Christmas!


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