Friday, 5 July 2013

Some Good Tea @ Affinitea

I haven't seen this anywhere else yet so I'm assuming that this branch is the only branch. In case you're wondering, Affinitea is somehow near San Sebastian College in Manila. The last time I attempted to try something in this place, it was full so I just went to Chill Out which is literally beside this place. We were supposed to do the same thing but then my cousin noticed the place is empty so we went in right away. MUST BRING POST ITS NEXT TIME.

This is probably the first time my cousin didn't get Caramel Milk Tea. She ordered some honey tea stuff and she didn't like it that much. I guess she's just used to the taste of Caramel Milk Tea that's why she didn't enjoy it. She also said that the bubbles are harder than the usual. BUT I LOVED MINE. Mine is the shorter cup by the way and I ordered some cocoa stuff with rock salt and cheese. The lady was also kind enough to ask me if I want my drink uncovered. I said yes of course. It's easier to mix and savor the drink that way anyways. 

It's a relatively big place for a tea shop and it's really nice although I wouldn't say that the place is very ideal to stay at which is typical for tea places by the way. For some reason, it's too noisy inside. I'm not complaining of course. I'm just saying. Can I just say that the staffs were really nice. But still noisy.

Just a side note, we were actually from PRC before we went here. Thanks to MY COUSIN for accompanying me and falling in line for me and stuff like that. If not for her, I wouldn't finish the whole examination application process a little bit earlier. So thank you! :) Can I just say that I was a little bit irritated by that one lady at the processing window because she was like doing hand movements and I was like, what the eff is happening here? And then when I asked her to repeat what she have just said, she was like irritated that I didn't here it the first time. WHAT? WOMAN, YOU DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING SO DON'T YOU DARE ACT LIKE THAT. It's pretty ironic that we have people like that inside the PROFESSIONAL REGULATION COMMISSION. But I'm good now.


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