Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Nobody Deserves to Die

But some cases are hopeless. But some people are asking for it. Therefore, it shall be given to them. This is a post about my opinion on the 35 year old Filipina who will be executed in China any time now. And just about my opinion on it being the punishment.

So the story is this Filipina was caught carrying a prohibited drug at the airport. Coincidence? I don't think so. Her parents are saying that their child is a victim. Really? The woman is not a first timer and I know that she knows what her doing. She just don't know she's gonna get caught! Too bad. Does she deserve to die? NO. She just deserve to be punished. Too bad for her though, China's law states that her act is punishable by death. In that case, she deserve it. I pity her. I pity her family. Especially her children. I know for a fact that their mother just want the best for them that's why she was able to that (and so are hold uppers) but man, it doesn't have to be done that way. The thing is she wanted it the easy way. I don't know if it's even that easy to do that because I bet her conscience killed her many times and stuff like that but you know, she should have said no. And then the media is like, she's just a victim! NOPE. She's aware. She agreed. She hoped that she wouldn't be caught.

I have to say that I think The Philippine government did their part and I'm somehow thankful that they did what they did. The President wrote a letter asking to just punish her with lifetime imprisonment instead of death. And The Vice President went to China to appeal. I mean even though they know the rules. Hindi naman yan sinabi lang on the spot. It's written somewhere and for sure our officials know that rules are rules. But they tried. And I sensed equality. This is not actually the first time this happened. The Government didn't fail to help the families of the people to be convicted and to appeal to the government of different countries so I'm happy for that. Because you know, we should all be protected by our government no matter what. I guess this should be a warning to Filipinos who are not fully aware that this things happen. You can't always get away. So please do yourselves a favor and stop doing illegal stuff. Stop being selfish. First, you're not sure you're gonna get away. Second, you're giving The Filipino people a bad name. I know it's hasty generalization but whatever. I just hope that this would be last time that someone would be killed because of such wrong decision.

Am I pro lethal injection? Not really. I strongly believe that some people really deserve a second chance. SOME. Because for example, if someone killed probably 3 persons, I don't believe that person should be given another chance. Actually, if someone killed someone just because of stupid reasons (jealousy, money, envy, etc.), that's already unforgivable. For me the only valid reason to kill someone is when you're defending yourself or someone from a killer. "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth". To be honest, I'm more pro than against it actually. Maybe it should be back in the system. Maybe it's a way to reduce the criminal rate here in The Philippines. Maybe it would make this country a safer place to live. I bet it would be nice walking around Recto without worrying that someone would stab you and get your things. With a very reliable group of people that would assess a certain case, this might be our best option. I'm not saying this punishment is the answer to everything of course.

Can I just share that in one of our lessons, our lecturer said that before, when lethal injection is still the capital punishment, they were deciding to give the task of injecting the lethal injection to medical technologists since looking for veins is kind of our forte but then the council said that it's against our Code of Ethics so yeah. When he mentioned that, I instantly wondered how it feels like to be the one to inject that thing and end someone's life. Must feel horrible. But I'm still curious. Would I do it? Probably.

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