Saturday, 6 July 2013

Memory Corner | Flashback Friday 4

1. You might be confused as to what this picture is all about. If you would look closely, there's a colorful something something up above the tree. That's actually a parrot. What happened was it escaped from its owner and then the owner said that he would give a 5000 pesos grant to the person that would catch and bring back the parrot to the owner. Can I just say that the parrot was really mean because a guy actually attempted to climb that tree but when he was about to grab the parrot, it flew and transferred to a far away tree and yeah.

2. A picture of my sister Mika and I at Manila Bay. Actually, Harbour Square back when we ate somewhere there. If you don't know it already, I'm obsessed with sunset. So even though we can't be seen and recognized in that picture, that picture is precious.

3. Internship! :) I miss everything about internship. This is during my Clinical Microscopy rotation. And also during when we exchanged gifts. As you can see, I'm eating a Krispy Kreme and just checking out my group mate who is studying medicine now by the way. 

4. My lovey Hashi eating her favorite food. Instant noodles. Like whenever I would eat noodles, Hashi would come and wag her tail and stuff and then I got curious and gave her a strand and she loved it. The picture is not actually the first time but whatever. 

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