Monday, 20 August 2012

Manila Bay visit.

So my mom decided to go  to Manila Bay. We were supposed to go there like, a week before we went but because of the horrible weather and stuff, we just went to eat at Robinson's.

Here's a shot the I took with my iPhone. And yup! Instagram!

Where did we eat you ask?

It's called The Chicken Rice Shop. And of course! They serve chicken and stuff. My verdict? Not so good actually. But it's good to try stuff that are unfamiliar. Like, it's okay to make a mistake. Just make sure that you wouldn't commit the same mistake next time. LOL. Well, it's not that bad actually. Quite fair. But anyways.  

It's been a while since we all went out. And yes! It's because of internship and stuff. Well, I don't actually have a regular schedule so that's why my mom always want to make time for this kind of get together and stuff. DRAMA MUCH? LOL.

I actually don't know why my mom knew about this restaurant but yeah whatever. She's genius like that, eh? Anyways when she told me that she want to eat at some chicken restaurant near the bay, I actually thought that she want to eat at BonChon but when I asked her so, she said NO. And then I was alright. 

When we arrived, she pointed at this chicken restaurant. Oh wells. So yeah. If you want to give this restaurant a try, you just have to locate Yellow Cab and it's somehow near that place. It's actually unlikely for you to miss this because it's quite big of a 
place and stuff. Bigger than Yellow Cab. 

Unnecessary photo of myself. LOL.
Here's what I got. Roasted chicken I believe? Yup. That's it. 

The chicken comes with soup and rice and that little somethings there. I ordered Soy Milk for a drink. Nothing special about the drink as well. But the soup was good. We also had Tofu Steak which was also good! :)


My mom and I also finished this big bowl of coconut milk desert with some other stuff in it. I don't know. But it was good! :)) Mom ordered a big bowl for all of us but then my sisters don't like how it tastes to yeah, mom and I didn't mind finishing it. LOL. 

That's all! :)

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