Thursday, 25 April 2013

Cheap Doesn't Equal Value

Nothing really special about the packaging. Not nice or anything. It's simply boring. But you can't really complain much because it's cheap so yeah. The brand is ELLEFAR  and I got the colors Elegant Mauve and Clear Coral. If you don't speak colors, it's pretty much hot pink and orange. Yay! 

To open the lid of the lipstick, you have to remove the plastic covering it so the only thing you could hold on to is the label below the lipstick like the picture above.

The swatch of "Clear Coral" is kind of longer because I didn't expect it to be that pigmented so I kind of recklessly drew a line so yeah. They go on very smooth actually. I was a little bit surprised too when I applied it. I am pretty impressed with how vibrant the colors are. As you can see in the photo though, since I have dry skin, it basically followed the texture of my skin so if you're gonna apply this on your lips, you better have exfoliated, smooth lips. 

I was wearing an olive green eye shadow in this photo and I really looked like a beaten up panda when I checked on the mirror and since it's iPhone 4's front camera, it didn't pick up that color did it? Surprisingly though, it did with the ELEGANT MAUVE lipstick. So that's how vibrant the color is. I don't know if I like it. I think light pink fits me more. Not nude or anything because that just makes me look weirder. Just pink. Light pink. Paulit-ulit? LOL.


  1. The pink one is awesome. Oh no , you look cute :)

    1. Thank you! :) Might give the orange to my best friend because she's obsessed with that color.


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