Friday, 26 April 2013

Today's Just Shocking

Our pet MOCHA gave birth and we didn't even know that she was pregnant. My sisters and I argued about this before well not really argued but they said and guessed that Mocha's preggy because her belly is just so big. I kind of thought she was but I was battling because I can't be so sure and one thing about Mocha is she's fat so it's really hard to tell. So awhile ago, while watching my morning show, my youngest sister called me and said she's hearing some crying under the bed and asked me to get a flash light for us to see. I then got my phone, turned the camera on video mode, with flash. To my surprise, there are two puppies near Mocha and the floor is just bloody and it smells bloody. It's a mess in short. When I checked on the puppies, one's alive (puppy #1) and the other one's dead (puppy #2).  

So I got the birth/bath tub, put Mocha and the puppy in and then we carried the birth tub or the baby bath tub upstairs because we thought that a little sunlight would do the baby good because the remaining baby actually doesn't look so good as you may be able to identify in the picture below. Quite smaller than the usual. 

To our surprise, another one came out (puppy #3). I was actually petting her head and she would kind of constrict her belly at some point but I didn't expect a third puppy. So that happened. Unfortunately, the puppy is dead already when it came out. That puppy kind of made me feel sad about this whole giving birth thing because even though the puppy's dead already, Mocha wouldn't let her go and would follow my hand whenever I try to get the dead puppy. It took me quite a while to get that puppy actually. 

This is probably the saddest news. The puppy who remained alive for few hours (puppy #1) also died. Maybe because they were premature or stuff but this day is just full of unfortunate events. Mocha is actually very active now surprisingly. Still going constantly under the bed where she gave birth and would still go to the tub and check whether there's something in it. I know Mocha will be better. I hope so.


  1. Aww I am so sorry for her. She doesn't even have one left. Yeah hope she will be better :)

    1. Yeah I feel sorry for her too. She's still looking for her puppies once in a while and she's always following me wherever I go. She's probably thinking I have her puppies because I was the one who took them away.


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